Short-Term vs. Long-Term Rentals in Victoria: Navigating the Changing Landscape

The Buzz Around Housing in Australia

The housing market in Australia, especially in Victoria, is undergoing notable changes. With the government’s initiative to bolster housing supply and the prevailing labour challenges in the construction sector, property owners and investors are on the lookout for clarity.


Short-Stay Accommodation: A Timely Solution?

Platforms like Airbnb present a potential immediate answer to housing challenges. While existing properties stand ready to be repurposed to meet demand, the challenge lies in balancing the perks of short-term stays with the broader need for long-term housing.


New Fees Impacting Short-Stay Accommodations: What Property Owners Should Know

With 79 unique councils in Victoria, approaches to short-stay accommodations vary. Some councils have already rolled out yearly registration fees, ranging from $150 to $400. On the other hand, Melbourne is mulling over a $350 fee and a 180-day cap, pushing for a transition towards long-term rentals. Adding to the mix, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has initiated talks about a potential tax on hotel stays and short-term rentals, possibly adding an extra $5 per booking.


Weighing the Pros and Cons: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Rentals

The push for more long-term housing is undeniable. However, landlords face their own set of challenges, like escalating loan repayments. While short-term rentals can offer lucrative returns, it’s vital to assess the potential of each property. Dynamic Residential provides expert consultations to assist property owners in making well-informed choices. Click here to find out more.


Regulation Debate: Statewide vs. Council-Driven Approaches

The call for a unified property regulation system is growing louder. Leading platforms and the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) are championing statewide registration, aiming for uniformity and fostering consistent tourism growth across regions.


Tips for Navigating Property Changes in Victoria

Stay Updated: Make it a habit to check council websites and local news outlets for the latest in property regulation.

Optimise Your Property Listing: Think about pivoting to long-term rentals or tweaking your rates in light of new fees. For bespoke advice, reach out to Dynamic’s property specialists.

By staying informed and taking a proactive stance, property owners in Victoria can adeptly navigate the evolving landscape, ensuring both compliance with new regulations and optimal returns on their investments.