Maximise Short Stay Rental Success: Insider Tips for Victorian Property Owners

If you’re a property owner in Melbourne or greater Victoria, you may be looking at alternative ways to lease your property. It’s all there in the news; the state of the economy, renter’s rights and the success of short stay platforms. You’d know more than most that standing out in a competitive market is essential for maximising your occupancy and revenue. The good news is, short stay leasing can do just that; if you do it right.

One effective way to achieve this is by partnering with a property management company like Dynamic Residential. We specialise in managing properties for the short stay market and work hard to ensure your property is in line with guest expectations. Understanding what guests want and tailoring your property accordingly can make a significant difference in attracting bookings and ensuring guest satisfaction.

When preparing your property for short-stay rentals, there are lots to consider. Let’s dive into some key points and share some of our insider tips!

Meeting Guest Expectations: Amenities and Features

Location, style, and amenities are crucial in determining guest expectations. Here are some important considerations:

Climate and Location

Consider the climate and location of your property for heating and cooling options. For Melbourne’s varying weather, having effective heating and cooling systems in place is essential for guest comfort.

Property Type

The type of property you offer will also impact guest expectations. For instance, having a bathtub or a spa might be highly desirable if your property is in a tranquil getaway destination. If your property is near the beach, providing water toys such as surfboards or snorkelling kits can be a valuable addition.

Navigation and Signage

Ensuring your property is easy to navigate, especially in case of emergency situations, is important. Consider providing clear signage and instructions for guests to find their way around the property.

Basic Amenities

Guests expect certain basic amenities in any short stay property. These include comfortable beds with clean linen, a cozy couch, a TV, a refrigerator, tea/coffee facilities, reliable heating/cooling, secure safety locks, a consistent hot water supply, and reliable Wi-Fi.

Ensuring these amenities are well-maintained and readily available can enhance guest satisfaction.

Using Industry Data: Identifying Unique Property Requirements

Dynamic Residential has access to industry data that can help identify unique property requirements that can make your listing stand out. Here are some considerations:

Location-specific Requirements

Dynamic Residential’s expertise in managing properties in Melbourne allows them to understand the specific requirements of different locations. For example, providing beach toys like surfboards can be a unique selling point if your property is in a beachside locale.

Property Assessment and Recommendations

Dynamic Residential conducts a comprehensive assessment of your property during onboarding and provides recommendations on furniture and amenities to enhance its appeal to guests. This can help you make informed decisions about optimising your property for bookings.

Cleanliness: A Top Priority for Guest Satisfaction

Cleanliness is paramount to guests, so keeping your property clean and well-maintained is a must. Dynamic Residential understands the significance of cleanliness and ensures your property is thoroughly cleaned by trusted, contracted cleaners before and after each guest’s stay. This includes regular maintenance, deep cleaning, and adhering to strict hygiene protocols.

Choose the short stay property experts

By understanding and meeting guest expectations, utilising industry data, investing in professional photography, and prioritising cleanliness, you can enhance the appeal of your property and increase bookings. Dynamic Residential’s expertise, resources, and commitment to guest satisfaction can help you achieve maximum occupancy and revenue, making your short stay property a successful venture. So, why wait? Contact the Short Stays team at Dynamic Residential today and unlock the full potential of your Melbourne or Victorian property on the short stay market!

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