Elision, Kew – Construction Progress

August 2021

64-68 Walpole STreet, Kew


Site construction has been progressing well at Elision, with only a few authorities and utility related delays pushing the settlement date into early December.

Despite multiple Victorian Covid-19 lockdowns, strong CovidSafe plans have ensured construction has continued without any major delays.

Site activity update:
Structure and framing – 100% complete
Basement – 95% complete
Services rough-in – 75% complete
Roofing – 80% complete
Plastering and sheeting has commenced
Joinery in production
All town planning endorsement applications are approved

Buxton Constructions continue to actively collaborate with the consulting team to ensure the prompt delivery of construction, whilst ensuring the level of quality remains at a very high standard.

January 2021

64-68 Walpole STreet, Kew


Site construction has been progressing very well, with the basement structure, and ground floor slab completed in December. Above ground works have now commenced, with structure and framing expected to arrive on-site for erection in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately as a result of Melbourne’s Covid-19 Stage 4 lockdown and workforce restrictions enacted through August/September 2020, major site works were only able to commence on the 21st of September. Buxton Constructions and Tango Projects are continuing to try and accelerate the construction program without compromising on quality. However due to these commencement delays, Practical completion is now expected in early November 2021.

We will provide regular construction updates throughout the year, as well as updates if and when there are any changes to the current estimated completion date.

Buxton and the consultant team remain committed to delivering an outstanding project, and are excited to see construction of the Elision townhouses progress after a turbulent 2020.

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